Panera Bread of Colorado

Our bakers work through the night, shaping and scoring the dough by hand, to bring you fresh-baked bread every morning and throughout the day. All Panera breads are made from only the freshest dough using our own recipes and only unbleached flour.

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It's Back! Holiday Bread
Sweet egg dough mixed with honey, raisins, dried sweetened cranberries and semi-sweet chocolate chips, filled with chunky apple filling and cinnamon sugar, then baked with crumb topping and drizzled with icing.
On sale November 17-23 & December 17-24.

Hoagie Roll
An enriched roll made with stone-ground whole wheat flour & unbleached wheat flour.

Our signature sourdough breads feature a golden, crackled crust and firm, moderately structured crumb with satisfying, tangy flavor. Available in Baguette, Loaf, XL Loaf, Roll and Soup Bowl.

A moist, chewy crumb with a thin crust & light olive oil flavor. Available in Loaf.

Asiago Cheese  
We add chunks of zesty Asiago cheese to our original sourdough, sprinkle more on top and allow its wonderful flavor to bake right in. Available in Demi and Loaf.

Honey Wheat  
Sweet and hearty, this mild wheat bread tastes of honey and molasses and its soft crust and crumb make it great for sandwiches. Available in Loaf.

Cinnamon Raisin  
A light raisin bread made perfect with a swirl of cinnamon, sugar and molasses. Available in Loaf.

Tomato Basil  
A sourdough-based bread made with tomatoes and basil, topped with sweet streusel. Available in XL Loaf.

All-Natural White Bread  
Soft, tender white sandwich bread.Available in Loaf.

Ours is classic French bread characterized by a thin, crackly crust, slightly sweet taste and a lighter crumb than our sourdough. Available in Baguette, Loaf, XL Loaf and Roll.

Italian flatbread baked with olive oil & topped with sea salt. Available in Sea Salt and Asiago Cheese. Available in Loaf.

Whole Grain  
Moist and hearty, our mixture of whole spelt flour, millet, flaxseed and other wheat flours and grains is sweetened with honey and topped with rolled oats. Available in new Pan Loaf and Baguette.

Artisan Rye  
Made with our artisan starter, chopped rye kernels and caraway seeds, topped with more caraway seeds. Available in new Pan Loaf.

Artisan French  
Made with our artisan starter to create a nutty flavor with a wine-like aroma. Available in Baguette and Miche.

Artisan Country  
Our artisan starter gives this bread a crisp crust and nutty flavor. Available in Loaf and Demi.

Artisan Three Seed  
Sesame, poppy and fennel seeds create a sweet, nutty, anise-flavored bread. Available in Demi.